HSI is a 17-hectare facility in the port town of Mariveles (Bataan). The shipyard is 34 nautical miles west of Manila and 157 kilometers by road. It can be reached by ferry, car, or bus. It is situated within a natural cove that offers protection from adverse weather conditions. It is located along the domestic and international shipping routes.

The facilities consist of the following:

Berthing Areas

  • Graving Dock (Width: 27 meters. Length: 159.05 meters. Depth: 12.20 meters
  • PB 2 (Length: 142 meters. Depth: 7 meters)
  • PB 3 (Length: 149 meters. Depth: 7.8 meters)
  • Slipway (Length: 120 meters. Width: 20 meters)
  • Facilities Map

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