Ship drydocking, repair, and maintenance.


HSI provides comprehensive ship drydocking, repair, and maintenance whether in the graving dock, floating dock, or slipway. This includes light and heavy mechanics, restoration and fabrication of parts, computer-automated cutting, welding and steelworks, piping system renovation and assembly, blasting and painting.

HSI has worked on a wide range of vessels:

  • In the graving dock – passenger ferries, container carriers, military and patrol crafts.
  • In the slipway and floating dock – barges, tug boats, pleasure yachts, marine research vessels, and fishing boats.

Ship re-engineering and upgrade


HSI is capable of highly specialized re-engineering and upgrade, including conversion and double hulling, to ensure compliance with local and international standards.

HSI has completed the double hulling of all the petroleum barges and tankers of its sister company–Herma Shipping and Transport Company (HSTC).

Ship design and construction


HSI provides design and construction services, using the Hull Block Construction and the integrated Hull Outfitting and Painting (HOP) methods.

HSI designed and constructed M/Tkr Matikas (2008), M/Tkr Masinop (2009), and M/Tkr Matapat (2014), double-bottomed and double-hulled tankers, at par with international classification standards, and now serving the requirements of the major oil companies.

General steel fabrication

HSI maintains a team of experienced engineers, professionals, and skilled workers to provide a wide range of steel fabrication.


The Herma Port Terminals Inc. provides stevedoring, cargo handling and brokerage, warehousing, and logistics distribution services to ship operators and industry partners. It operates as one facility within HSI to provide customers with flexible, customized, and quality service.